September 5, 2011

I don’t want your sounds, I don’t want your videos

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Phone designers, game designers, actually anyone developing software, listen up.

When I start your application, or switch off your phone I don’t want to hear anything. If you insist on being a five year old and putting some sounds in, give me the option to switch them off.

Seriously I bought a phone recently LG P920. It has a glasses free 3d screen, yet for some reason you can’t switch the start up or shut down sounds off. Well you can, but it requires rooting the damn thing then deleting a few files :/

Games… Dawn of War 2 plays a really nice intro movie at the beginning. But you can’t skip it. It’s five minutes long and you can’t skip it. Who thought that was a good idea? When I first installed the game it would crash as you started a new game, quite common apparently. So I had to wait five minutes between tries for the bloody movie to finish. Stop this madness. It’s nice, I’ll watch it once, then I want to skip it. Hell, I might want to skip it the first time too. After all, I seem to remember buying a game, and it would be nice to play it.

Almost every other game. Hey here’s the animation for nvidia, here’s the animation for partner 1. Here’s Dolby’s little intro, here’s more damn animations. Some games let you click through them. This I can cope with. Others make. you. watch. them. all. It’s. Not. Fun. Much. As. Reading. Sentences. Punctuated. Like. This. Are. Not. Fun. To. Read.

Web sites. Start making noises and I’ll go somewhere else. It’s that simple. I’m not alone in this. I’ve yet to meet anyone in the flesh stupid enough to do this, but if I do there will be some swearing.

I’m sure you have your own examples. I could probably write a lot more, but it would be repetitive. The message is simple. Don’t try and force me to listen to your jingles or watch your movies. Chances are I’ll want to see them between 0 and 1 time only. If it’s really good perhaps a few more times, maybe when someone visits. That’s it.

Stop it. Stop it now.


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